Atelier Forgēr

Welcome to the world of Forgēr. Introducing our timeless first collection, where each piece is cut to order. Shop our catalogue of hand-crafted designs made from sustainably sourced materials of the finest caliber.

Welcome to Slow Fashion.

The Lagom collection


Shirts are essential in each Forgēr collection. Finely tailored into look casuals and loose classics. With bold designs styled into feminine cuts and sharp collars, making our statement shirts instant bestsellers.


Forgēr outerwear contemporary classics. Enjoy the fine tailoring that merges the cotton lining and genuine fabrics.


Forgēr’s jacket pieces are the epitome of style and grace. Varied designs suitable for all occasions.


Perfect for daytime and evening wear, Forgēr’s sophisticated structured dresses are timelessly elegant. Made with the finest materials, with your choice of the knee- and floor-length.


A new take on classic styles, where quality meets form. Experience the range of Forgēr(‘s) silhouette structures, from wide hems to straight, pleated, or folded. Designed with your ease of movement in mind.


Elevate every outfit with our signature handmade belt.