About Atelier Forger

Born from a tumultuous journey of chaos and triumphs, Atelier Forger emerges as an extraordinary fashion house. Crafted brick by brick by visionary owner and Creative Director Tarek Abou Samra, this enchanting realm has a remarkable ability to transform dreams into reality, blend function with luxury and sustainability with women's wear.

The tale of Forger resonates with Tarek's upbringing in a whimsical haven within a distant land—pre-war Syria—where fabric breathed life, dresses danced, and fashion reigned supreme. Each thread spun a unique story, nurturing Tarek's senses and shaping his artistic spirit. It was from this backdrop that his passion for design and art took root, planted by a loving mother and an inspiring aunt who epitomized elegance and purpose in their perfectly tailored suits.

As the story of Atelier Forger unfurls, it beckons women from all walks of life to embrace their own fairy tales. Here, elegance and mindful choices intertwine with a resolute belief in fashion's power for good:

· Every Forger design is a symphony of nature-inspired hues, intricate patterns, and delicate embellishments.

· With every stitch, a tapestry of compassion and conscious choices is woven.

· Sustainably sourced materials, celebrating nature’s wonders , find their place within carefully selected fabrics.

· Each creation is infused with love and purpose, intertwining dreams and aspirations into the very fabric of the garments

More than mere attire, Forger’s garments become conduits of confidence, empowerment, hope and connection to the world.

Today, Atelier Forger epitomizes the transformative power of fashion, harmonizing luxury with sustainability, and weaving individual stories into a larger, more beautiful narrative.