About Atelier Forger

Atelier Forger was established in 2021 and pays homage to skilled artisans who craft authentic handmade creations that reflect their truth. The brand is dedicated to creating timeless and elegant designs that offer modern women a versatile and wearable wardrobe with a touch of sophistication.

Creative Director Tarek Abou Samra draws inspiration from his long-standing passion for design and art, meticulous attention to detail, and a luxurious sensibility that fuels his imagination. He started his career as a Fashion & Fine Arts graduate, working with renowned haute couture designers before launching his own label.

At Atelier Forger, each design is proudly made to order with ethically sourced and sustainable materials of the finest quality. Based in Miami, the brand has its roots in the Middle East and collaborates with regional artisans to create its signature brass buttons that have become a client favorite. The label focuses on blending classic luxury with contemporary elements to produce impeccably tailored dresses and separates. The Atelier Forger woman is central to the brand's ethos, and is distinguished by her polished, elevated, and relevant, well-informed modern style.

With the Renaissance Collection 2023, Atelier Forger enters a new era that marks a significant milestone for the brand. After a comprehensive overhaul, the collection premiered at the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai to great acclaim. The line celebrates femininity, craftsmanship, and the values it is built on. It showcases the brand's perfect weave of modern luxury and classic heritage. The collection is praised for its cut and fit, and embodies the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion.